Testing Method For Slurry In Leather Finishing

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In the leather finishing process, there may be a problem of leather finishing, which has a negative impact on the work of the leather drawing, so how to test the leather finishing?

This article will be shared with you in Guangzhou Maji leather chemical industry to test the method of leather finishing. It is helpful for you to deal with the problem of dropping the pulp in the leather finishing.

The phenomenon of leather coating falling off the leather surface is called pulp dropping. When the pulp is serious, the coating will peel off the surface of the leather before it is used. When the pulp is not clear, the coating will fall off the surface of leather when used. The leather pulping is a common quality accident in the tanning plant. Once the pulp is dropped, it will cause great economic loss to the factory. It should be found as soon as possible and treated in time.

(1) fold up the leather and rub it hard. If the coating falls down, this is a serious phenomenon.

Second, use the nail to scrape the bottom of the buttocks to see if the coating is firm and firm.

(3) use a transparent adhesive tape to paste the coating to see if it is sticky. If the leather is sprayed with a touch agent, wipe the hand feeling agent with the toilet paper and paste it with adhesive tape.

4. Fold the leather sample on the light leather cracking instrument. If the bending times are not up to the standard specified by the Ministry, the coating will fall off.

The above is about the test method of pulp dropping in leather finishing process.