Cleaner Production In Leather Industry Starts Late, And Needs To Be Actively Promoted.

Publisher:Administrators    Time:2018-6-7     Browse:1411

At present, there are many researches on the cleaning of leather fur in China, but many of them have not been popularized in actual production. The main problem is that many technologies have not been systematized and some need further improvement. At the same time, the use of clean production methods should be put into a considerable amount of capital, technology control and balance to technical requirements. Higher, which led to the promotion of cleaner production encountered resistance. The comprehensive adoption of clean technology needs a positive process.

The clean production of pollution reduction from tannery and fur processing is gradually accepted by people. The clean production technology can not only reduce the capital investment of the original end treatment, but the research on the clean production of leather and fur processing is late in our country, but under the efforts of all sides, the leather industry of our country has already been made. Some achievements have been made in the research and development of clean production technology, but it has not been popularized in actual production. The main problem is that many technologies have not been systematized, and the cost and technology of capital and process are high. The sewage treatment of tannery and fur processing industry has high investment and high operating cost. The sewage treatment facilities and the daily operation cost have great pressure on the enterprises, especially for small enterprises. Some need to be further improved, and the use of clean production methods need to invest a considerable amount of capital, process control and balance of technical requirements, which makes the promotion of cleaner production encountered resistance.

Clean production technology is an important part of promoting effective pollution control, but clean production technology is a systematic project with high operating cost. According to the survey, many enterprises are unwilling to increase the cost of equipment, and fear that the use of products will affect the quality of products and do not want to adopt clean production technology. These factors make the popularization of cleaner production technology more difficult in leather industry. However, for our company, clean production is slowly beginning to come true. At present, our company has reached the national level two cleanliness standard. Cleaning production technology can effectively reduce the difficulty of environmental treatment at the end. For our company, the Ministry of environmental protection has been under great pressure to control a series of standards issued by the Environmental Protection Bureau, strictly control the various indicators and record all kinds of data every day in order to meet the requirements; to control the cost of environmental protection, to reduce the cost and to use the lowest cost to achieve the minimum cost. To the highest effect. However, the cost of environmental protection has always been high. With the new policy of environmental protection, the company's environmental requirements will also comply with the current situation and continue to strengthen. We hope all the staff of the company can work together to do various environmental protection work in daily life and reduce the burden of environmental protection of the company.