Four Factors Will Affect The Leather Trade And The Leather Industry

Publisher:Administrators    Time:2018-6-7     Browse:1509

Analysts say that in the next few weeks, four factors will affect the leather trade and leather industry.

1. the price of American cowhide continues to rise.

2. because of the sluggish meat business, slaughtering in many countries has been reduced.

The US $3. weakened against the euro and some other currencies (from 1.26:1 to 1.31:1).

4. a cold winter climate suddenly appeared in Europe and North America.

Us vendors have been using all means to keep the market going since December and are continuing to push up prices. Slaughtering data is low, supply is narrow or no offer at all. Sellers refuse to consider counter-offer. Sales are favorable. According to January sales figures, not everyone has failed. The sellers found that the new interest from China was further supported than expected.

The poor profit of meat business owners is the reason for the slaughter loss, which dropped by 50 thousand per week in the past few weeks. Preliminary estimates this week will drop again, to 600 thousand and 595 thousand. The slaughter of cows and bulls is also falling. The number of live cattle kept decreasing in the United States, which decreased by 91 million from 2010 to 2011, a decrease of 2%.

Although consumer confidence has risen and consumer confidence has improved, official figures in December showed that people were more prudent, because they had learned from previous lessons, and that most of the new income was used for debt and savings. They don't spend as freely as they used to. The improvement of consumer confidence certainly does not presage the increase in consumption of leather goods.