Appearance Colorful, novel pattern, diversified, unique style, fashion leader. With real leather effect or unique textile style.

Texture Feels good and real as if it’s genuine leather. Soft and elastic, a perfect integration of strength and beauty.

Light And Comfortable It’s light, slim and comfortable. The final products are light and strong, meeting people’s current needs for lightness and comfort.

High Performance High peeling strength, high breaking force, anti-abrasion & scratch, easily-bending under normal temperature, cold-resistant, anti-acid and anti-alkali, anti-yellowing, anti-aging, anti-hydrolysis, solvent resistant, excellent chemical resistance. All these add to excellent comprehensive performance.

Multi-Function Can be cleaned easily, waterproof and breathable, flame-retardant, anti-bacteria and anti-fungus, etc.

Ecological and Environmental-Friendly Ecological, functional, low-carbon and fashionable.